We energize
the future

By empowering Green value

ConNRG is driven to speed up the energy transition in the fast-growing RNG market. We deliver our services to match the needs of professional AD and gasification plants, creating a future-proof supply chain.

ConNRG sees ample sustainable feedstocks for biogas production by improving waste and residue collection, utilization of untapped wastewater resources, optimal use of agricultural residues and animal manure. The advancements in AD and gasification technology utilize more diverse feedstocks. ConNRG ties all the needs and wishes of both supplier and producer, adding green value. Matching climate and emission legislation with growing energy consumption needs. And to maximize sustainable profit. Because the time is now. ConNRG energizes the future, speeding up the transition by green energy empowerment.

We collect and move
renewable feedstocks

Enriched by certifying green values at every step, we turn waste and residue into biogas. The feedstocks we lead through the supply chain with our Triple S service are used to produce renewable gas. Helping to reduce carbon emissions in transportation and fuel, heavy industry and as a green energy source in agriculture, cities, and houses.

Speeding up the energy transition from within the chain

We supply, service & deliver sustainability solutions for green gas and beyond.




We make the difference

ConNRG combines years of experience in sourcing and trading renewable feedstocks and end products. Our broad experienced team have over 15 years of experience in selling renewable energy, feedstocks and sustainability. ConNRG has the blend knowledge, quality experience, and technology understanding to create a sustainable supply chain with consultancy, logistics, sourcing and trading. ConNRG helps to secure feedstock supply according to everyone’s needs, servicing the production of RNG and other valuable (by)products.

The ambition of the Climate Agreement is to produce 2 billion cubic meters (bcm) of green gas by 2030. We are working together to supply green gas feedstocks affordably and on a large scale.

Join our mission

ConNRG powers the future of energy to speed up the (worldwide) energy transition. Join us in building bridges to create a sustainable supply chain.

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Work together

To speed up the global energy transition we need to work closely together all along the supply chain.

We believe in the power of sustainable partnerships with all clients, suppliers, third parties, stakeholders…and you!

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Join the team

We challenge energizing and ambitious people like you to energize the future and have fun doing so.

You are very welcome to energize your career, our team & our shared ambitions for a sustainable future of gas and beyond.

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Spread the word

At ConNRG, we don’t waste anything. Ever. Spreading the word helps to get the message and urgency of carbon reduction and our part in the solution across.

Follow, like and react online; the time to act (and share) is now.

Our team

Discover the faces behind ConNRG and meet our energizing team

Roel Keursten

Business Director

Roel Keursten (1973) was born on agricultural soil. He studied agriculture and business. He has twenty years experience in agribusiness regarding valorizing of coco peat, animal byproducts, manure and communal wastewater sludge in different sales and business development roles.

Roel van Haeren

Commercial Director

Roel van Haeren (1983) has an agricultural background and studied marketing management. In his twelve plus years experience in valorizing co-products into the feed and bio-fuel industry, he has had various senior international management positions in a corporate environment and family business.

Jorn Mulderij

Trade Executive

Jorn Mulderij (1996) brings a strong agricultural background with a focus on sustainability. He has two years’ experience in sales and business development of food ingredients. His educational background in International Food & Agribusiness complements his hands-on experience and his drive for impactful initiatives in the agribusiness sector.

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Differentiation in products, geographies and end markets, is critical in making an impact. Together we strive for strong partnerships.

Contact us to join our mission speeding up the energy transition.

Join us now to energize your career

New talent brings new energy. And no energy is wasted here. At ConNRG we don’t waste anything. Ever. We source, trade, consult and channel the re-use of waste into renewable energy.